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“Akruti is a path breaker in the sense that for the first time in the history of racing we have someone specializing in Equine dentistry. For the first time we get a detailed report of what has been done. Things like Bit seating, etc were unheard of in my 30years of training. Lastly the results after she has done dentistry are fantastic especially for the horses which hang in or out during the race.”

Mr. Narendra Lagad (Horse Trainer)

In my professional opinion Miss Choksi is an extremely well skilled equine professional. Having worked alongside her for 3.5 weeks, day in and day out, I have seen Miss Choksi work with horses, in stressful and exhausting conditions. I have seen her perform equine dental procedures in various different situations and I can not fault the work she delivers. I trust the work and skills Miss Choksi has presented and am convinced she is a very capable equine dentist.

Kyle Atkinsons (Farrier / horse rider)

Due to the fantastic support offered by a number of people within the Royal West Indian Turf Club, KCT has received funding to allow Dr. Choksi and our team, to continue on with our work in the near future. We insist on only using the best equine vets, farriers and dentists available, and Dr Choksi is one of our permanent team volunteer dentists – the only one residing in India so this makes our work within the country so much easier.

Our team will be returning to India to continue with our voluntary work and education, and with this in mind, we look forward to again having Dr. Choksi on our team.

Michelle Morris Horan (Kiwi Care Team)

I am an equine veterinarian that has practiced in England and Australia. I met and worked with Akruti Choksi on a voluntary aid trip to India with the ‘Kiwi Care Team’ in April 2013. On this trip, the group was made up of vets, farriers and equine dentists that travelled to different parts of India to educate and work with local people as well as providing first aid care to animals in need. Due to the nature of aid work it was important that we worked closely with one another as part of the team. Akruti is a dedicated and highly qualified equine dentist, having previously trained as a human dentist before undertaking further training in equine dentistry in New Zealand. When dealing with dental cases, Akruti’s knowledge and skill level far surpassed that of my own and it was invaluable having her on the team.

Dr K Wilcox

Having worked closely with Akruti Choksi I can pledge my support for her recognition as a fully qualified equine dentist. I have personally overseen her work in recent months, and must highly commend her skill and ability in addressing both the routine and pathological aspects of dentistry in horses and donkeys.

Dr Patrick Sells