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Conscious horse conscious rider practitioner

Conscious horse conscious rider practitioner

  • Would you like to receive tools and techniques to be a better rider?
  • Would you like to receive tools and techniques to get better results with your horses?
  • Would you like to gift your horse more comfort and ability to move and use it's body in a natural way?
  • Dr. Akruti Choksi is a practitioner of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider and she is committed to create a new reality for you and your horse.

    Telepathic Animal Communication

  • It is an ancient art of interspecies telepathic communication.
  • Telepathic animal communication has empowered me with a better understanding of the animals I work with. It has improved my diagnosis as well as my treatment planning for each horse.
  • It helps me create better harmony between my clients and their horses.
  • If you ever wonder what your pet is thinking about or what makes them happy ? If you would like a different insight into your life lets talk to your pet and find out .... you will be amazed !

Animal Communicator

Dr Akruti Choksi's quest for doing what is in the best interest of the horses has lead her to become a Telepathic Animal Communicator. This facilitates better diagnosis and deeper understanding with the animal. She is available for communication sessions with all animals.

What We Do


Dr. Akruti Choksi is a dental surgeon from Mumbai (BDS) who went on to follow her passion and love for animals, to become India's 1st Equine Dental Technician.
Dr. Choksi went to New Zealand to learn equine dentistry from one of the finest Equine dentists Warwick Behrens, and his team.

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